Why – Done and Dusted???


When I have come across this latest topic for WOW from BlogAdda, the first thought which crossed my mind was a recent incident took place where an autorikshaw driver has been killed by few students in Delhi’s Mukherjee nagar because he objected to them for urinating in public.

However as per BlogAdda we are supposed to write about “When something you have put your heart and soul into nears completion, it is a matter of pure satisfaction. ” (quoted the exact text here from BlogAdda here).
But here I am pouring my thoughts for something which shook my soul and heart , which has become a matter of highly dissatisfaction……

This one incident which revealed so many dark faces of our society and specially the youth, has been actually something which is Done and Dusted so easily and so nicely by everybody.

  1. Is this so called educated ones vs a labor class person? – A Delhi University student is urinating in public – what to say more here as I am lacking words to describe my feelings further. This is our young generation, the face of our country’s future who don’t even have a basic social behavior, leave aside his further degrees or anything for that matter as this behavior is in itself self-explanatory. What we call this is Literate Uneducated or in normal Hindi ‘ Padhe Likhe Ganwar’.
  2. Should we object for wrong doings being a social animal or should we not ? – The rickshaw driver has lost his life because he raised his voice for a wrong doing. Is this such a big offence in today’s world. In my opinion YES. Yes, of course, why not , at least this all incident shows the same. Any person will think hundred times to speak up for anything happening wrong around him, just because it may cost his life.
  3. Are we really so INTOLERANT especially for RIGHT things? – If I am doing something which is very obvious quite unappropriated, and someone actually objects, I really cannot tolerate this.How can someone stop me? I can do whatever I want and no one should say anything. I can urinate in public, I can tease or harass women on roads, I can kill someone but dare you object. People cannot tolerate things and that is only RIGHT things.Yes, we can tolerate if someone is killed in front of us, if someone is raped on road, if acid is thrown on some one etc etc etc…the list goes on. We can tolerate all this.But we can NOT tolerate if I am stopped for doing all these.
  4. The level of uncontrolled Aggression – This incident actually showed the level of Aggression in us. Whenever you read about aggression management mostly one common thing is said, leave the place and surrounding for sometime to overcome it. However in this case, those boys have actually left the place and later came back with more people and stabbed the driver with bricks to death. I cannot even imagine the deeply rooted level of aggression in all of us. The aggression which totally took over our mind, heart soul and everything.

There have been no debates in media, no candle light marches took place, everything has been forgotten now. It has been just few days passed and the whole episode is quite done and dusted. But I feel a self-analysis is actually needed on social level as well as individual level.

I would like to put a full stop here on my feeling and thoughts here by only saying RIP XXX what you did was not wrong but the problem is things are really not RIGHT now ……..

Thank you for doing what you felt was right and SORRY for everything else…….

a deep sigh here….that’s it….

This post is a part of Write Over the Weekend, an initiative for Indian Bloggers by BlogAdda


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