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Benefits of Exercising – My Personal Experience

Approximately 2 years back I have started exercising to lose fat. Initially it was more of exploring like what, when and how to incorporate some physical activities in my day to day life. Being a working mother it was obviously quite difficult to grab some time out for myself. Initially I have started with simple morning walks of 20-30 minutes. Also started doing some basic yoga asanaas which I have learnt during my college days.Then after some Google search and following various blogs and articles related to weight loss I have come across some youtube videos which I have started following. So, this way my journey went on and still going on. I will surely discuss this journey in detail soon in my future posts.

However my idea of this post is to share what small but significant benefits I have got after making exercising a part of my daily routine. Of course weight loss and inches loss is there. But there is more than all this. Here are some of the gains from exercise which I want to share-

1. Improved fitness – Going by Wikipedia definition of Physical Fitness -“Physical fitness is a state of health and well-being and, more specifically, the ability to perform aspects of sports, occupations and daily activities”
So what I take it from here is that Fitness is all about my ability to do my daily activities and occupation. I used to have backache, shoulder pains, frequent feeling of lethargy etc.
I must say after involving small sessions of walk, some minor exercises all these problems were solved to great extent.

2.Solution of Minor ailments – Earlier I used to have constipation and headaches. But now constipation is vanished and now I have good bowl movements and happy mornings. 🙂

3. Stress relieving – Exercise relieves the stress and this is not theoretical thing. This is my personal experience. I feel so light calm and rejuvenated after my daily dose of exercise. It helps to keep me mentally sound. Whenever I feel stressed and lost, I prefer to exercise. A good cardio workout just flushes out all negativity and helps me to think

4. Improved skin texture– Exercise improved my skin texture a lot. I can feel the soft clear and shining skin now. Earlier My skin has started losing its natural glow however it has improved a lot now. The improved blood circulation and sweating out while exercising, does wonders to skin.

5. Improved energy levels- My day starts early and I used to get tired early too. Earlier I used to be drained out by evening and due to this I used to be irritated on each and everything. I had no energy left by evening to give time to my son or even myself. However I have observed that investing some time to exercise has helped me to improve my energy levels. Now I feel in full form till night and am able to perform my evening chores better.

6. Good Night sleep – Exercising helped to have good and sound sleep. And due to good sleep quality I feel refreshed even if I slept a little less. A good sleep has given other benefits too like improved concentration, better skin, more recovered and happy from within.

7.Unlimited happiness – Last but not the least my biggest gain is the feeling of Joy and happiness I get to fetch some time for myself from my life, to do something for myself. The amazing feeling of relaxation I get after my exercise is something I can not describe in words. It’s just awesome….

Considering all these, I really enforce that we all should incorporate some form of physical activity in our day-to-day life. It could be simple morning or evening walk, any sports, yoga, aerobics classes or some form of basic exercises. You can only feel and see the difference only after doing it. Initially it is difficult to get time in our busy routines but think this way, it is like Mutual Fund for Life, small investment gives great returns….and it is not subject to market risks… 🙂




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