Short Stories



“Hey what happened to this clock today?” Sonia said while going to take shower in the morning.

“It is feeling weak” Vishal replied with witty smile, “It thought to take rest today.”

Sonia just laughed out loud and said ” Yeah, it must be tired of running always.” Vishal replied ” Hmmm, it thought these people will never stop, so better I myself stop now and have rest”.

It is just a routine morning for Vishal and Sonia. They both are working. Sonia leave for office by 8 in morning and come back in the evening by 7. Vishal also leave by 9 and come late. Evenings are now mostly spent with household works and their son’s homework and studies etc. They hardly notice when day pass by. And with this way only days have passed in weeks, weeks in months and months in years. Now in order to leave office early in the evening Sonia made sure to leave home early so she can reach office on time. It is very rare that she has breakfast at home, she usually carry it and have it in office only. Weekends are again quite busy with finishing household tasks and visiting family.

By the way after their witty and short morning conversation, lots of things have popped up in Sonia’ mind. She remembered her initial days of marriage when they used to chat for long with multiple rounds of their common addiction of Ginger tea, when they used to have breakfasts together and many other small moments they used to share and cherish.

With all her thoughts rather than getting ready to rush for office, she entered in the kitchen and prepared two big mugs of Ginger Tea.

Meanwhile Vishal came out from bathroom and saw the dinning table with breakfast and Tea served. He din’t say anything. He somehow felt something. They both smiled looking at each other. Sonia said “Let’s have breakfast.” It was a different morning now. They had tea and breakfast together while talking for all useful and useless things, about family, friends, office etc. They laughed together, shared many glances of companionship and love.

They both have taken a day off from office, spent the whole day at home with each other. They cooked together and enjoyed the meal with their son while talking about his school, his friends and everything else. In the evening they played with their son. After dinner they had a walk. They have not done anything very exciting the whole day however they did every simple thing that excited them. In the night before going to bed Vishal went to the drawing room and changed the clock’s battery. And whoa…. it started running. Sonia also came out and they both laughed out loud looking at the clock.

Next day when Sonia reached office her colleague and friend Rhea said “ Hey, you din’t come office yesterday. What happened…all well?”

Sonia replied “ Yeah,  the clock ran out of battery…needed to change it…” Rhea was puzzled hearing this but Sonia just smiled and started her laptop….


Sometimes it is very necessary to take a breather. We all are always running in life and life sometimes get so mechanic that we forget it  is not only about gathering the assets and facilities rather it is to cherish them too. We need to make small change once in a while to let ourselves running…..Just like changing the battery of the clock to make it running properly and correctly…..

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